The Bush Hut @ Brooman




Packed up in a box and shoved high on an unreachable shelf in the back shed. Better yet, dropped in a river like a Jumanji gameboard. Whatever you do, don’t open the box.  DON’T OPEN THE GODDAMNED BOX!!!!  “But the drums!! The drums!!”  FUCK THE DRUMS, DON’T OPEN THE GODDAMNED BOX!!

Dad always said “No point in looking back” so we won’t.

Exxxxceppppt …for some unfinished business on the south coast… at Brooman, about 35 minutes inland from Milton, about three hours south of Sydney.

We have friends from university days who have bought a little property, a very special little property. It overlooks the old village of Brooman and the mighty Clyde River, hidden just behind those trees on the right.


And just a little bit further up the hill, tucked away in the bush you step into the 1900s, into a wooden hut, the Bush Hut @ Brooman, hewn from local hardwood and built with love.

bush hut @ brooman

Verandah inspired by On Golden Pond.


A catcher of late afternoon light and bird song. Kick back at day’s end. Off the grid. A drink? You betcha.

bush hut @ brooman

bush hut @ brooman

Simplicity. A little sanctuary to unpick, defrag, stop and smell the grevilleas.

bush hut @ brooman

bush hut @ brooman

Candle lit baths under the stars.

bush hut @ brooman

We were given permission to explore the Brooman village ruins on the adjoining property, the wobbly remnants of a gold rush – back in the day.




Textured and a little bit twisted, just the way I like my men 😉




Weaving and wandering, a valley full of laughter, a river of canoes.

bush hut @ brooman

Freshly picked bounty from Julie and Bob’s garden where the lines between flowers and vegies are pinked and blurred.

julie and bob's garden

Could I live this life? 35 minutes from town, near neighbourless and self contained? After the year that should not be named it’d be tempting I must say. Peaceful, healthful, cupful. Brimming in so many ways. I’m not sure. But as an escape, yes, this is me, us. A warm bath under the stars.



But the drums!!

What drums?

There are no drums.




If you’d like to know more about Julie’s and Bob’s bush hut which is available for rental you can see it here on Stayz or Airbnb.


    The healing place …

    Along a dusty road, past many twists and turns, there is a place with no phones.

    And no computers.

    Some thought they were a little crazy to buy it.

    But then they visited.

    And they too fell under its spell …

    blue reeds

    What there is – in great supply – is time, too rare a commodity thesedays.


    Three little huts, built with love – and this past weekend filled with friends – cling to a hidden hillside and look down the barrel of the Clyde.


    It really is a piece of paradise.

    A healing place for a family that had been to hell and back. In the process of buying it, someone tried to gazump them, but the elderly owner said no, this family needs this place.


    He must have been a wise old soul.

    I would cue the frogs if I could and lend you the slap of oars on water, but all I can offer is some fading light this evening. More to come, I promise…

    0s5a1960 0s5a1963 0s5a1967

    You just need to be a little bit patient with me 😉



      One wish …

      They made their way to the river, amidst a potpourri of pink blossoms and freshly cut grass.

      river flats 2

      “I can give you one wish,” he said. “It’s the only wish I have.”

      one wish

      She thought for a moment and in the quietest of whispers said “I’ve heard that there is a secret party down by the river with tiny, crystal chandeliers and strings of fairy lights…

      wild fennel

      There’s wild fennel … and river mist

      wild fennelwild fennel

      But you have to look very closely and you have to step very carefully …”

      wild fennelwild fennel

      He looked at her and shook his head.

      And smiled.

      And whispered back …

      “Follow me.”

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