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There is so much noise …

…and this week I’ve had a dose of the doubts,

wondering if I’m just adding more.


But then, this morning I had to do a photo shoot at the Rahamim Ecological Learning Centre.


I was a little bit early.


So I just wandered about in their permaculture garden, drawn by the colour and the light.


Too pretty not to share.


A little port of calm.

Amidst the noise.


Is creating, or trying to create something beautiful … enough?

I dunno, but I figure the world can use all the beautiful it can get right now.



thong chucking and bush races
down under

About 25 minutes north of Bathurst is a tiny village called Wattle Flat.

I reckon a few years ago a couple of the locals had a conversation that went something like this…

“I was thinking we should have some kind of festival here … an event. Something to put Wattle Flat on the map. Something that’ll draw the crowds in.”

“What about a thong chucking competition?”

“A thong … chucking … competition. That’s gold!

“Well I dunno if it’s worthy of gold … bronze maybe.

We could call it … the WATTLE FLAT … BRONZE …THONG.”

People will come from far and wide to see who can chuck a thong the furthest …

wattle flat bronze thong

wattle flat bronze thong

…and who can chop a log in half the quickest …

wattle flat bronze thong

wattle flat bronze thong

… and who is mad enough to get on a horse for the annual 800m Bronze Thong
Bush Race and take on 14 times winner Greg Morris.

wattle flat bronze thong

wattle flat bronze thong

Our friend Jess was mad enough to try.

That’s him in the light blue. On the right.

On Willy Bolt.

wattle flat bronze thong

Willy Bolt? Not quite fast enough obviously but he had this other bloke worried for a moment.

wattle flat bronze thong

Note the iphone strapped to the helmet and the old school Biggles glasses.

wattle flat bronze thong

Steaming home for third place. One-handed no less.

wattle flat bronze thong

“See I told you I wouldn’t die Hoges.”  

“Ahhh good on you, you bloody bar raiser.”

wattle flat bronze thong

A total hoot.

And Greg Morris made it number 15. Well done.

…and well done Wattle Flat.

Who’d have thought…


ooo yeah … Miss September here I come!


Hey y’all. Don’t get too excited. Despite yesterday’s post, this one is not about getting my gear off.

The Western Advocate, our local newspaper, is having a photo competition and I thought I’d give it a crack.

If I’m selected I’ll have my very own month in the 2013 Bathurst calendar.

I’ve pulled out some of my favourite shots since starting the blog in March but I’m torn.

Which would you enter? Have I missed any that you particularly loved?

1. It wouldn’t be the farmers market without the farmers. Thanks for coming.


2. Painting with earth pigments at Fat Wombat Farm

destinationhereandnow_earth pigment fat wombat farm

3. Abercrombie House … it’s only taken me 25 years

destinationhereandnow_abercrombie house

4. Bathurst and a search for turquoise

destinationhereandnow_keppel street bathurst

5. Two old things in a junk shop and a story from Malta

destinationhereandnow_antique shop

6. Not even a flock of crapping pidgeons can dull her spirit of adventure

destinationhereandnow_howick street glimpse

7a. Ever feel like you’re just hanging in there…

destinationhereandnow_fennel by the macquarie river

7b. Ever feel like you’re just hanging in there …

destinationhereandnow_river walk bathurst

8. …in which she scuttles out from under her rock to discover a gorgeous new eatery in Bathurst.

destinationhereandnow_local produce bathurst wholefood co-op

9. Is it wrong to have two butchers? The confession.

destinationhereandnow_is it wrong to have two butchers_ strawberries

Me? I’m leaning towards 7b.


It was a lovely process going back and reflecting on some of these older stories.

We’ve covered a bit of territory haven’t we?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far.

There’s plenty more to come.

Have a great weekend.

love ya



P.S. I have to enter this by next Wednesday.


Afterthought… I could always go with the sexy shot from yesterday.

Miss September

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