Final Borgo – a little finale before the final finale

We’d had a quick swim along the coast, just west of Genova, and then Paolo turned inland. “I have something special planned for you today.” So we drove through Finale Ligure (a modern city that hugs the coast road) and started climbing and winding towards the old city, to Final Borgo, perched high on a defensive hill overlooking its newer version and the Med in the distance.

We were heading to the Osteria del Castel Gavone.

But it was a Monday.

And it was closed.

osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo

Until they decided to open it.

For us.

For us … alone.


They call him Sweet Talkin’ Paolo” 🙂


osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo interior

So we settled ourselves in the primo position on their astounding little terrace.

With a 180 degree view that looks north towards a deep gorge and its eclectic castles…

osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo terrace

East to the valley and villas below …

view from osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo

And south to Finale Ligure and a turquoise horizon.

terrace osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo

All without leaving our seats.

view from osteria-del-castel-gavone, final borgo

And given it was a Monday and they weren’t prepared and we’d caught them unawares, well they just threw together what they had on hand. And it was splendid. What look like chips are actually panisse, a local dish made from chick pea flour and water. I’ve tried David Lebovitz’s recipe at home and it worked a treat.


Andrea and Catia. Molto molto grazie. Your generosity was one of the highlights of our visit to Liguria and for me, one of the highlights of the whole trip away. Such a beautiful, beautiful setting. Soooo beautiful! And with a church right opposite we found ourselves once again saying “Maddy could get married here! Or Darce!” 🙂

andrea and catia


There is a famous walk you can do in Final Borgo. It’s called The Ring.

Paolo knew there was a path from the restaurant so the boys took the lead …

the boys lead the way

And despite there being little evidence of any path, we followed their path …

the girls follow

Until we found the real path.

finding the path

Which eventually became a bigger path that took us past another castle …

walking down to the historic village of final borgo

walking the ring final borgo

And into the heart of the old city.

final borgo

final borgo

It’s a solid walk on a hot day but a spectacular way to finish an especially special day.

walking the ring final borgo

Final Borgo … add it to your Ligurian wish list 🙂


I have one more tale from Liguria to share and I have to apologise for how absent I’ve been here at the blog but we’ve had Darcy sitting his final school exams and Madeleine in her final semester of fashion design at uni. It’s been a pretty tense collision course over the past few months, perhaps more for their mother than for them. I’m sure they would beg to differ 😉  But just know that I’ve missed our conversations and as a new chapter opens not just for them, but for us, I’m hoping to be back here more often. Exciting times ahead me thinks. Hope you’ll stick around. Lotsa love.  xx

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    1. Posted 13 November 2015 at 7:07 am | Permalink

      This delightful little illustrated dining expedition brought out non-words like “Ahhh” and “Oooh” as signs of being so beautiful as to render me slightly idiotic. And the journey down to town, Cute! The one sign I saw read Outpost. Is it then a tourist town?
      So glad that your children are working and doing and have you to support them. Like me with a two year old, they’ll flit away and then suck you dry intermittently.
      Say hey to yer fella.

      • Marg
        Posted 13 November 2015 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

        Hi Shalagh. We’re just adjusting to this sense of (relatively) new found freedom. Freedom from worrying as much as anything. Not that it probably made an ounce of difference haha. Outpost? Non capisco?

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