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let me show you round

As you walk …

As you walk, what do you see?

kerb and courthouse

Are you so busy thinking ahead …

courthouse and carillon

That you overlook the details …

machattie park from the drinking fountain

They’re there. They’re always there.

drinking fountain and ochres in machattie park

Especially on a quiet autumn morning.

When the rain has eased.

And the light is soft.

drinking fountain detail and leaf

Patterns. Textures. Colours in every crack.

machattie park details

machattie park gazebo and fallen leaves

These are the colours of my town.


This morning.

begonia house in autumn

Do you see what I see?

margaret hogan sketch machattie park


Bathurst’s best kept secret …

Taking inspiration from a new friend I am trying to walk 2kms morning and evening.

I need some company so you’re just going to have to come with me.

orange gate bathurst

I think you’d like Bathurst.

It’s got a little bit of everything.

architecture bathurst

And a community needs a little bit of everything, otherwise it’s at risk of finding itself gated and out of touch with the world.

old gate bathurst

A community needs different textures.

textures of Bathurst

Some old and new. Some big and small. All living alongside each other. In an ideal world, all keeping an eye out for each other.

deco house bathurst

daisy cottage

I got chatting to a local builder this morning about how it’s nice to walk in a town that has a grid system of streets. How you can wander any number of ways to and from your destination.

And he said “You wanna know Bathurst’s best kept secret?”

“Sure. Fire away.”


(Raglan is a suburb out near the airport. You pass it on your way in from Sydney.)

“Raglan?” I said trying to pull down my sceptical eyebrows.

“Raglan is a fantastic community. There’s a system of laneways running through it that I think date back to the old sani-carts. Anyway the kids are all out on their bikes and everyone knows everyone and if any of them gets out of line someone will growl at them and say ‘I’ll tell your old man.’  They have an annual cricket match – east versus west – worked out by which side of the central street you live on. It’s a great little community.”

“It sounds it,” I said, sceptical eyebrows packed away.

Old school. Cool.

The things you learn …

Moments later I was taking this shot of a little public laneway up the block and a man stood next to me and said “I’ve lived here three years and I never knew that was there.”

secret path Bathurst

So which way shall we go? Shall we take a secret path? Or turn left or right?

left or right bathurst

heading home

Or just head for home?

A little morning postcard.

Have a beautiful day.



When the smallest things undo you…

Last night we headed out to Abercrombie House, about five minutes west of Bathurst, for their monthly jazz night.

Oh. My. God.

I’d been there in daylight but at night time it’s something special. Chandeliers sparkling, cerise walls and soft candlelight. I will return with the Canon but for now the iPhone will have to do – but it doesn’t do it justice.

abercrombie house sax

So we’re sitting there, with about 30 other people in the ballroom, being utterly seduced by this talented band of musos who are playing together for the first time and hitting it out of the park. And the sax player starts adjusting the reed of his sax, gives it a quick lick, pops it back in and off he goes again.

A little moment in time.

And I am momentarily undone. Tears welling.

Suddenly I’m seeing my dad, who took up the clarinet in his mid 40s when I was just a little girl. He had exactly the same action – if not quite the same musical prowess.

It’s just over five years since dad passed away and moments like this still catch me unawares.

They’re always with you in some form or another hey.

He would have loved last night.

sigh …

abercrombie house jazz night

micky and chris abercrombie house jazz night

Owners, Christopher and Xanthe Morgan, have a huge responsibility trying to maintain this historic landmark in Bathurst.

I learnt last night that together, they spent 14 weeks gold foiling the ballroom ceiling to bring it back to life. That’s what they’re trying to do with the house itself – bring it back to life – fill it with people and music and laughter. It’s not a stuffy scene, it’s intimate and very warm. I’ve been saying for ages that I’m not a great jazz fan, but the music last night gave me goosebumps – literally.

dining room ceiling abercrombie house

Just wanted to put it on your radar.

Sorry overseas friends, you’ll just have to come and visit sometime. x

Here’s a link to their site with future dates.

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