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Bathurst and a local tale of reconciliation

I wasn’t sure what the day would hold.

sorry day bathurst

It began with a replay of Kevin Rudd’s historic apology to the stolen generations in parliament. The faces of the elders in that parliamentary gallery still moved me as much today as they did in 2008, the women proudly holding hands, wiping away their tears. Despite all the wrongs of Kevin Rudd, that was one he got right. So right.

“Don’t worry if you hear any hecklers,” said one of the aunties to the kids in the crowd. This is an important day for us. Don’t worry about them. Stand tall.”  

Aboriginal flag and kids

Watching your mayor walk arm in arm with local elders is not something you see everyday in Bathurst.

Mayor Gary Rush at Sorry Day

Sorry Day March Bathurst

Nor the reconciliation quilt that was stitched together in 1998 with love and hope that one day its sentiments would come true.

The Sorry Day Quilt

Beautiful performers were at the ready.

Beautiful girls proudly dancing

A captive audience secured front row seats.

Boys watching the girls about do to the Sweeping Dance

Musicians, songwriters, artists. So special. I wish I’d videoed it all.

Local musicians


Local elders, friends and a big tall blonde Angel who pulled it all together. With a little help from the universe :)

Ange elders and friends

… on the banks of a river

River Park

… in a town called Bathurst

Boys with their hands

… that we call home.

me and Bill

I was so proud of my community today.

Please, let’s do more.

I want to leave you with this … I came in a little late on the song but this is the amazing Kerriann Cox. Wow. What a powerhouse. What an inspiration.


Summer comes …

summer comes

And a silly girl in sandals.

old farm gate

Went walking. Through the deep crunch of roadside grass.

brewongle paddock and blue sky

Snake territory.

bridge and train line at brewongle

Summer bleached paddocks.

summer bleached paddock

Crisp and dry and crackly.

Musing about childhood summers that knew no end.


Of secret cubby houses

caravan and mown hay

And a place where there was only today… the moment.. the now… the smells, the undergrowth, the racket of cicadas …

open fields and blues sky

and no thoughts of tomorrow.


A tale of a gentle winemaker and art in the vines

On a dusty road in one of the prettiest valleys of Bathurst

the rod to renzaglia wines

lives a gentle winemaker and his creative wife.

renzaglia bottles and glasses

straw bale house and lavender

Simple. Soft edged. Straw baled. Sustainable. The way many of us would like to live.

sandy's rock work

Today, Mark and Sandy opened their home for Art in the Vines, one of the many events being held around Bathurst this week for BRE&D Week – which stands for Bathurst Region Eats & Drinks. The week is driven by our small band of local vignerons and the intention is to celebrate and promote the wine, food and spirit of Bathurst.

dean mobbs paint spattered clothes

Today was a beautiful example of it.

kids painting

art in the vines

Bathurst is what you’d call an emerging wine region and as an award winning wine maker, Mark plays a very important role in that.

mark renzaglia

I wish we had overstayed our welcome because I just stepped outside and the soft light of dusk is particularly beautiful this evening.

view of the vineyard and the O'Connell Valley

We lived in the O’Connell Valley for four years when we were first married and today we were back there with some of our old mates.

We know how special it can be, especially at day’s end. And especially when you’ve been able to break out the pencils. Just another ugly drawing but to sit and drink in that landscape always fills my cup.

view of the o'connell valley from renzaglia wines

Over the past week Bathurst has been periodically bathed in smoke from the fires in the Blue Mountains just to our east. Today the white plumes were there again in the distance. Tomorrow the wind is serving up her worst and there is concern that two major fires will link up causing a massive front.

Wishing you stillness. Stay safe, especially all those incredible workers and volunteers with the Royal Fire Service.

We’ve been friends with Mark and Sandy for many years and we’re in the throws of helping them with a rebrand. We’ll also be setting up a website in coming weeks. I’ll post a link and share it all when we’re done. I’m a little bit excited. In the meantime here’s Renzaglia Wines Facebook site.  Do it again next year guys. It was a lovely day.

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