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As you walk …

As you walk, what do you see?

kerb and courthouse

Are you so busy thinking ahead …

courthouse and carillon

That you overlook the details …

machattie park from the drinking fountain

They’re there. They’re always there.

drinking fountain and ochres in machattie park

Especially on a quiet autumn morning.

When the rain has eased.

And the light is soft.

drinking fountain detail and leaf

Patterns. Textures. Colours in every crack.

machattie park details

machattie park gazebo and fallen leaves

These are the colours of my town.


This morning.

begonia house in autumn

Do you see what I see?

margaret hogan sketch machattie park


All I want …

is to sit under the grapevine and laugh with friends.

People who fill your cup.

What a lovely evening.

lantern and shadow

I think my computer is about to explode.

It is overloaded with so many beautiful photos of Bathurst.

Heart full. Computer full.

And now me.

I’ve got a glow up :)

Breaking my first rule of blogging … Never drink and blog.

But it’s all in the name of a good cause. I need your help with something my lovelies.

We are trying to get Jamie Oliver, yes Mr O, to open the only pop up kitchen in Australia – in Bathurst.

There are other towns vying for him, but we need him here because I’ve just learnt that in Bathurst, my home town, 4 out of 5 people are either overweight or obese.



i think i might be one of them



Would you be so kind as to LIKE this page on Facebook. Would you? Could you?

I will owe you one.

This is the link.

Bathurst needs Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.

Thank you



Has anyone seen summer?

There’s a week to go but I sense she’s already gone.


Packed up her long brown legs and strappy sandals. Cast her string bag over her shoulder, tossed back her mane of sun bleached blonde hair and hitched a lift to warmer climes.


Never one for long goodbyes.

Disappears for months then pops up at some random party in Capri. More than happy to sleep on the floor.

crepe myrtle

Her perfume lingers in the air … night jasmine in the cooling dark, fresh cut grass breezing through an early morning open window.

Ever the party girl. A free spirit to the end.

Till next year you gorgeous thing you.

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