Caught in the spin cycle … front loaders vs top loaders … discuss

So our 11 year old washing machine has carked it.

It’s been on the cards for a while. In fact, you might have heard it. In California. Every time it hit the spin cycle it sounded like a jumbo jet taking off and the whole house vibrated.

old washing machine

Farewell old friend. You served us well.

After visiting two local white goods stores on Tuesday and leaving more confused than when I walked in – this stuff truly does my head in – I put a little post up on Facebook.

“Front load washing machines vs top loaders. Any recommendations?
2 hours for a front load cycle! I’m so confused.

My favourite response came immediately. As she often does.

“As long as they have a longggg spin cycle….”

I’ll have what she’s having.

Dammit, make it two!

But what really astounded me and everyone else was the lengthy conversation that ensued.

It turns out that everyone has an opinion about washing machines. Days later the responses are still coming in.

As I write, the vote stands at 10 for top loaders and 22 for the front loaders.

I’ve been a top loading girl all my life.

But on Thursday I took a deep breath and converted to Frontloadism.

On Saturday the boys reverently carted the old beast out the back door – now destined for the recyclers – and an hour later we took possession of a new Asko front loader.

And I’ve been in a Frontload frenzy ever since. Praise those Swedish white gods goods! Everything the Frontloadists said was true. The clothes are cleaner. They are whiter. It is gentler. It is definitely more power and water friendly. And two days later I’m a freakin’ Frontload evangelist!

Asko washing machine

The maiden voyage

So, why an Asko? Well, if you find yourself facing the same dilemma here’s what won me over. All the little issues that the Frontloadists raised as possible hassles, Asko addresses. You can stop the machine mid cycle, it does have a delayed start function, a 45 minute quick wash and it is simple to use. The sales woman, a Frontloadist from way back, bought an Asko a couple of months ago because, unlike many other models, it doesn’t have a rubber bellow on the inside which is where the mould issue that some of the crew talked about can begin. It’s all stainless steel on the inside. And yes, that does make it more expensive, but I figure that if it lasts for the 20 years that all the Asko kids were braying about, then we’ll more than make up for that extra initial outlay with power savings, water savings and less resources being used for a replacement in 10 years. That’s the theory anyway.

The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is how can they be more power efficient when the heavier washes can take 1.5 to 2.5 hours? If someone can explain that to me I’d be interested to know.

oo, oo, I can here a spin cycle calling – she says with a frisson of excitement.

Dates for the next meeting of the Bathurst Frontloadist Chapter will be posted shortly. Toploadists welcome. No sects here. Well not on Mondays anyway ;)

asko washing machine

Inaugural meeting of the Bathurst Frontloadist Chapter


    When the smallest things undo you…

    Last night we headed out to Abercrombie House, about five minutes west of Bathurst, for their monthly jazz night.

    Oh. My. God.

    I’d been there in daylight but at night time it’s something special. Chandeliers sparkling, cerise walls and soft candlelight. I will return with the Canon but for now the iPhone will have to do – but it doesn’t do it justice.

    abercrombie house sax

    So we’re sitting there, with about 30 other people in the ballroom, being utterly seduced by this talented band of musos who are playing together for the first time and hitting it out of the park. And the sax player starts adjusting the reed of his sax, gives it a quick lick, pops it back in and off he goes again.

    A little moment in time.

    And I am momentarily undone. Tears welling.

    Suddenly I’m seeing my dad, who took up the clarinet in his mid 40s when I was just a little girl. He had exactly the same action – if not quite the same musical prowess.

    It’s just over five years since dad passed away and moments like this still catch me unawares.

    They’re always with you in some form or another hey.

    He would have loved last night.

    sigh …

    abercrombie house jazz night

    micky and chris abercrombie house jazz night

    Owners, Christopher and Xanthe Morgan, have a huge responsibility trying to maintain this historic landmark in Bathurst.

    I learnt last night that together, they spent 14 weeks gold foiling the ballroom ceiling to bring it back to life. That’s what they’re trying to do with the house itself – bring it back to life – fill it with people and music and laughter. It’s not a stuffy scene, it’s intimate and very warm. I’ve been saying for ages that I’m not a great jazz fan, but the music last night gave me goosebumps – literally.

    dining room ceiling abercrombie house

    Just wanted to put it on your radar.

    Sorry overseas friends, you’ll just have to come and visit sometime. x

    Here’s a link to their site with future dates.


      A summer stroll in Bathurst

      It’s been a while since we went walking, you and I …

      keppel street reflection bathurst

      …discovering secret places.

      vintage letterbox

      On a mid week summer evening, the streets of Bathurst are quiet …

      empty streets

      The shadows golden …

      empty seats

      The crepe myrtle nearly finished …

      crepe myrtle

      And the gaura dances by the roadside.


      Let me take you past the silos.

      silos in afternoon light

      It’s important that you see them.

      Bathurst silos

      For the word on the street is that someone is intending to pull them down.

      But we won’t let them will we ;)

      A Facebook site has been established. Click here to Save Our Silos.

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